CCTV Security Systems

CCTV surveillance systems are now an integral part of any SMS system. They not only help protect your business from costly losses but also ensure protection against any potential fraudulent or unsafe behaviour by employees. In the current unstable economic environment, installing a quality CCTV security system has never been more important.

Closed circuit television systems are used for surveillance in areas that need monitoring such as industrial plants, mine sites, banks, airports, retail and all government businesses. The CCTV camera systems can be networked to a variety of monitors and recording equipment operating 24 hours a day or more specific to our client’s needs.  Total Security Systems has access to the latest, up-to-date technology ensuring maximum results are delivered at all times.

A more unconventional form of CCTV security systems, utilising Digital Video Recordings provides real time images with a variety of quality performance options such as motion detection and email alerts and has the ability to store more information using less space. Network ready Thermal Imaging Cameras are fast becoming popular for security and surveillance applications. Total Security Systems can seamlessly integrate in a new or existing network and upgrade your businesses overall safety.

The benefits of CCTV far outweigh the cost to the business. The specially designed system will allow you to keep an eye on your business from remote locations in real time anywhere in the world. Our highly qualified team will provide a professional, honest service and tailor our industry knowledge to guarantee your businesses needs are met.

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